And others, the less forgiving ones, they frighten us. 

Drawings on baking paper, digital prints, text and audio
Ireland and Bangalore

In Ireland and other parts of Northern Europe, there exists a synonymity between the sea and the un-understood. Oscillating between fear, desire, a lack of control and yet undeniable yearning, man forges a relationship with the sea through a series of stories – the speculative is mostly fantastical.

Beyond the fear that is brought about by creatures like the Lochness, there exist a number of monsters that represent love – usually unrequited. These beings, come from the seas, enchant you, and at the cusp of it all, disappear back into the waters – into an abyss that is unattainable, volatile and yet still.

There is more to these creatures though, these monsters. Cultures across the globe, for centuries, have been narrating folklore that talks in whispers about such beings. Many of the legends talk of creatures far removed from their own geographical locations; locations that are not seen, might have been heard of, but are definitely imagined.

Sea Monsters installed at They walk amongst us, don’t they

Exhibit at 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery
Bangalore 2018

As she rises and falls

In conversation with Luce Irigaray’s Marine Lover of Friedrich Nietzsche

13:42 minutes