Where my childhood was unspent.

Master’s Final Exhibit


The theory of the ‘Third Space’ which is attributed to Homi K. Bhabha, talks of hybridity as synonymous with normality, stressing on the fact that inherent national identity is often questionable, owing to the waves of foreign rulers and powers. This theory has been explored by many others as well, in fields of language, stylistic alterations in art, culture, etc.  

One such strand of thought explores the idea of the third space within the construct of what biodiversity is today. It is accepted by quite a majority that the Anthropocene is the epoch that we now reside in. That being said, there is an understanding that the point where the manmade and the natural meet, can now be termed a ‘third space’. True biodiversity may no longer reside in the depths of the ocean or in the untouched groves in the Amazon, instead what is to be protected are these points of mutual adaptation and existence; canalized river and its relationship with the barrier itself, for example.
Representing the possibilities of evolution and growth where nature begins to answer back, a dialogue with these spaces become markers of an entirely different sort of urgency.

This exhibit, along with (An)archive and Alternative Botanicals, acted as a presentation of research and starting points, both as visuals and as text, which explored the ideas of what a third space is, and in turn acted as the first step for future projects.

Monuments of Memory I and II

Digital prints, acrylic and mirror
Kochi, India and Venice, Italy

Monuments of Memory III

Digital prints and found objects
Ahmedabad, India

Where my childhood was unspent

Found objects and paper pulp