Ban the old, dry methods.

Graphite on Fabriano Pergamon
22in x 30in each (17)

1.     Transparent Woman on Table
2.     Man of Pain
3.     The Screamer
4.     The Borghese Warrior
5.     Irradiation
6.     Eye Glasses
7.     Travel Kit / Shaving Set
8.     Perfume
9.     Trepanation Instruments
10.  Zander’s Gymnastic Apparatuses
11.  Jewelled Combs
12.  Four Stages of Athletic Fatigue:
          Exhaustion, Breathlessness, Heavy Exertion, Last Expenditure
13.  Foot, Fist, Heart
14.  Sword Swallower
15.  Knock Knees, Bow Legs
16. & 17.  Nerve and Blood Vessels of the Head: Inside and Outside

Ban the old, dry methods is an excerpt from a larger, ongoing project, that emerges from an engagement with the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden’s permanent collection. The work is centred around the ways in which science and the State have viewed the body of the individual, and how in turn such perspectives are co-opted by consequent political regimes, amongst other structures of power. Addressing the museum’s founding ideology which stressed on seeing and consequently knowing our bodies as the cornerstones of keeping assuredly healthy, without a shadow of doubt, each drawing draws from three key aspects of the collection: the objects on display, the written descriptions, and the English audioguide. Either instruction or proclamation, the certainty of the statements now displaced, build a belief system parallel to the one that the museum and its collection was founded on.